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Driver with ‘DIRTBAG’ license plate in court

(via KIRO 7)

Update: The man who pulled a gun on another driver in Bellevue and yelling a racial slur will face a judge this morning.

KIRO 7 reports the man is accused of ramming into another car two weeks ago at a Bellevue car wash, yelling a racial slur at the driver, and then pulling out a gun.

Police say they had to tase the man to subdue him after he punched an officer.

Original story

A man with a license plate reading “DIRTBAG” was arrested after police say he pulled out a gun during an argument at a Bellevue car wash.

Road-rage shooting on I-5 a harsh reminder

Police say the 40-year-old man was driving a red Camaro at a Brown Bear Car Wash Sunday afternoon. Growing impatient, he rear-ended another driver as they were waiting in line.

KIRO 7 reports as the other driver started taking pictures of the car, the suspect pulled out a gun.

Police arrived on scene and the man punched an officer in the face but was taken down with a taser. They say the suspect also made a racial slur at the other driver.

Police are trying to determine if it was a hate crime.

The confrontation in Bellevue is the second high-profile incident of road rage in the past week.

A man was fatally shot last Thursday on the side of I-5 during a “physical altercation” with a female motorcyclist.

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