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Shower thoughts: Valentines, slow walking, and the mega flu

(Mauricio Benitez, Flickr)

Happy Valentines Day. Let’s jump in with some shower thoughts and get squeaky clean for a big date night.

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My advice to you: if it’s your first Valentines Day with a new love interest, go small this year. Nothing worse than an outsized production in year one. If you turn it up to 11 right out of the gate, you have nowhere else to go from here.

Slow walking

Did I miss the memo on the aggressive slow walking movement here in Seattle? Is there some kind of secret society and manual? There is an absolute plague of slow walkers in our town. On sidewalks, intersections, everywhere! It’s one thing to be a slow walker, but can you all dial back the attitude a bit?

Mega flu

Spending this past week with a mega flu has made me empathize with everyone who lives with health problems. I never really gave you much thought, but keep your head up and hang in there. I admire your strength. I was pretty freaked out there for a few days thinking my voice might be permanently damaged. I realized how much I would miss having the privilege of doing the show every day.


Just a reminder, out of the 123 professional sports teams in America from the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB, your Seattle Mariners have the longest playoff drought. Keep in mind that the newest team on that list, the Las Vegas Golden Knights, in their first year, is currently in first place and will most likely make the playoffs. I’m not even going to mention the World Series, this is just to make it into the playoffs.

Westworld, finally

I know I’m late to the party, but Westworld is a great TV series. I finally got around to it when I couldn’t get off the couch. It’s worth
your time, and the new season will be out in a few months.

Music recommendation

If you’re a music fan, check out the new Jack White album. He cobbled together a band made up of players that travel with hip hop and rap groups and did the entire thing in just three days. It’s really interesting.


Shout out to my radio partner Don and his boy G for inspiring me to get the snowboard out of deep storage and hit the slopes. Thanks for the invite.


In the spirit of getting me out of my comfort zone, I’m off to Nicaragua next week to volunteer with an NGO called Glasswing. They aim to help kids escape poverty and violence with education. I have no idea what to expect, but I hope I can be a net positive in their
world. Wish me luck.

I wonder if there will be hot showers in Central America? We’ll see.

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