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Rumors of John Curley’s death have been greatly exaggerated

John Curley got a text Thursday afternoon that caught him off guard. The sender of that text was worried John was dead.

Nick Jarin, who was producing KIRO Radio’s Ron & Don Show had seen a report from the apparently-not-real-news website “The Kitsap Report” and reached out to John to see if news of his death were true. Accord to The Report, he died in a seaplane crash that morning.

From The Kitsap Report:


“Can you just write back and let us know that you’re OK?” texted Nick.

“I thought, at this point I could write back say that this was made up, or, I could sit back and wait and see how many people start to respond to this story. How many people are happy I’m gone? How many people are sad that I’m gone? It would be like showing up at my own funeral,” he said.

Local historian and guest co-host Feliks Banel said putting his friends and fans through that was “sort of sociopathic.”

About 30 minutes after John received the text, he finally wrote back to say that he was alive and well. But what he didn’t tell Nick was that he was disappointed he didn’t get more concerned friends and fans contacting him to see if he had actually died in a plane crash.

His ego was finally boosted around 10 p.m. Thursday night, when a panicked friend burst into the Curley house bawling, having just heard the news.

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