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Poll: Do you play on if someone dies on the golf course?

A death during a golf tournament over the weekend has some asking just what the etiquette is when someone dies on the course. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

Play was delayed for just about an hour as a caddie died of a suspected heart attack at the Madeira Islands Open this past weekend. The European Tour is facing some criticism for letting play go on after the death, but what should be done?

KIRO Radio’s Tom and Curley Show decided to call up John’s dad, Jack, who has some experience with this.

Jack told the guys a member of their golf club named Paul Guest dropped on the eighth tee, and even though a doctor was in the foursome, Paul couldn’t be saved.

“When it happens,” said Jack, “it shakes the other three guys up so badly no matter what they would say ahead of time, that they’d keep on playing, they usually come trotting in looking as pale as the guy who has passed on.”

But Jack said it’s actually his dream way to go. The man that went down at their club even went out on the eighth hole, which would be Jack’s preference, as the ninth is too public and the seventh is a par 3.

“I see some of my friends going the other way. I’ve just lost a friend to Alzheimer’s and that’s not a pleasant way to go,” said Jack on preferring a golf exit. “When you get up to the end of the road, and you can see the club house that the Lord has waiting for you, say hey man I just want to go immediately.”

This prompted Tom to ask Jack if he’d be OK with the rest of his foursome moving on without him.

“Absolutely,” said Jack, “Knowing the guys that I play with, they’d have no trouble continuing on. They’d throw me in a golf cart and shoot me out of there.”

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