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Winter Weather Advisory expanded for lowland areas


The National Weather Service expanded its Winter Weather Advisory to include part of the Western Washington interior Wednesday afternoon.

The Weather Service says up to 2 inches of snow is possible for the coast and east to Kitsap County and Thurston County.

Snow accumulation is most likely to occur from late Wednesday through early Thursday morning.

Even if you don’t get snow in your area, don’t be surprised if you continue to wake up to frigid temperatures for the rest of the week.

Check school closings

University of Washington Professor of Meteorology Cliff Mass writes that forecasts models showed another four days of “the really cold stuff” on Monday.

The earliest we will see things warm up is Friday.

The National Weather Service posted a “lowland snow threat” that is expected to last through Thursday.

“The high temperatures over the next week are actually going to be below normal, so we don’t see any rapid warm up anytime soon,” National Weather Service Meteorologist Dustin Guy said.

Wednesday will be dry with some moisture moving south in the afternoon, increasing the chance of snow.

Thursday could be mostly dry with breezy conditions.

Moisture returns Friday and continues into the weekend, which could mean more lowland snow.

Mass says the air above us is “unusually cold” for this time of year.

“The large-scale atmospheric pattern is really locked into a super La-Nina configuration with high pressure offshore and cool northerly flow over the NW,” Mass writes.

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