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Some good or bad news for Jeopardy! watchers

Seattle Jeopardy! Champion Ken Jennings’ record is safe after impressive player Arthur Chu’s winning streak was broken on Wednesday.

Viewers either loved or hated Chu. Some said he’d “hacked” the game, some said he just played smart. But after 11 wins, they finally found a question that stopped him.

Arthur leaves with $297,200 in winnings.

“My goal was to beat Dave Madden, the second-winningest player in JEOPARDY! regular season competition. I didn’t quite make it there but I think third place is quite respectable,” said Chu after his win. “$297,200 is an awfully unsatisfying-looking number; Alex [Trebek] gave me a hard time about not breaking $300,000 and I wish I had, if only to make for a better story.”

Fans of Chu will be pleased to know he’ll return for the Jeopardy! tournament of champions next season.

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