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Have we reached Russell Wilson overload?

Everybody seemingly loves Russell Wilson, but can the world get too much of the Seahawks quarterback? If you ask KIRO Radio’s Tom Tangney, the answer is an unqualified yes.

“Until he starts saying something interesting, I think we’ve already reached that saturation point,” Tangney says after Wilson’s media blitz that had him showing up on a number of media outlets this week.

Wilson swung through New York Tuesday and managed to squeeze in interviews with Fox News, MSNBC, The Dan Patrick Show, Charlie Rose and Late Night with Seth Meyers. Often times sounding like he was reading from a script, discussing the Super Bowl, gays in the NFL, his coaches and management and more.

Watch Russell Wilson on Charlie Rose

Those who’ve followed the Super Bowl-winning quarterback know he tends to keep his comments fairly close to the vest and seems fairly calculating in many of his interviews, predictably ending most with his trademark “Go Hawks.” And Tangney says it’s gotten a little boring.

“I love that the nation is embracing him,” Tangney says. “But he always gives the same answers. I’m actually more interested in seeing how Seth Meyers makes him seem funny.”

Co-host John Curley says it’s unfair to criticize Wilson or any others because we expect him and other athletes to be great on the field, then come up with interesting and funny things to say off the field.

It’s not just Wilson. Tangney says one of the worst things that could have happened to Seahawks linebacker Malcolm Smith was winning the Super Bowl MVP award because he was suddenly thrust into the spotlight.

“He’s got no personality, which doesn’t make him not a great football player. It’s just that he only has three or four canned things to say,” Tangney says. “I love Russell Wilson, but I don’t want to hear him talk too much.”

But as long as Wilson keeps doing what he does on the field, it’s safe to assume we’ll be seeing plenty of him off the field. And hearing the same thing over and over.

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