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After a Seahawks win: The Bride’s Dilemma

After Monday’s show, John Curley went home and took a four-hour nap.

Then he talked to some of his friends that were also at the Seahawks game on Sunday. They admitted to being physically tired, but John thought it more than that – they were emotionally exhausted too.

He nicknamed their tiredness for the feeling a bride might get after her wedding day – “The Bride’s Dilemma.”

Watching the Seahawks win wasn’t just exciting, it was emotional, it got the 12th Man’s adrenalin pumping too (not just Richard Sherman’s.)

And for someone like Tom Tangney who watched the game from home – he was still riding on his adrenalin the next day.

So he’s extra tired today. If you see Tom taking a snooze on the bus later this afternoon, do us all a favor and give him a little wake-up nudge.

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