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John Curley wanted to resell $5,000 worth of Seahawks tickets

John Curley tried his best to get Seahawks tickets Monday morning. He was going to spend $5,000 and buy up as many tickets as possible, keeping two for himself, and then reselling the rest.

The plan was in motion.

But, John didn’t get any tickets, and neither did a handful of others in the KIRO Radio newsroom.

“How is it that myself, David Boze, and six other people that were online at the same time and we couldn’t get a single ticket? The aftermarket has gotten the thing rigged somehow.”

That’s right, you probably weren’t able to get a ticket either.

According to the Seattle Seahawks on twitter, the tickets sold out in minutes. The team is encouraging fans to go to the NFL Ticket Exchange – the only authorized ticket resale website.

That won’t stop the secondary market from hiking up prices and trying to lure in fans who will pay anything to see the Seahawks take on the 49ers in the NFC Championship game.

According to SeatGeek, the average ticket price on the secondary market is $736. The only tickets more expensive, they say, have been tickets to the Super Bowl.

But if you still want tickets for a slightly cheaper price, you’re not without options. You can win them on your home for the Seattle Seahawks – KIRO Radio or check out what they’re selling for during the game.

John Curley wants two tickets, and he’s willing to spend $100 per ticket. He’s planning to find some scalpers during the first quarter with the hopes he can get in the game by the start of the second half.

Tom Tangney is sure John will be out of luck. There won’t be any tickets left by the first quarter because no one will want to miss the NFC Championship game.

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