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Home for sale? Top three homebuyer turn-offs

What makes homebuyers grimace when they tour a home for-sale?

A recent article at Zillow highlighted a number of turn-offs. Here are three that always rise to the top:

Pets: Dirty kitty litter boxes or dog toys scattered in a room can turn off buyers who associate pets with unsanitary homes. Remove all traces of pets in a home and pay attention to the home’s smell. Get rid of any lingering pet odors when homes are for sale.

Kid items: Don’t let the kids overtake a home with toys cluttering every square inch. Also, pay attention to any sanitary or personal items involving infants, such as a breast pump, or dirty baby bottles on the kitchen counter.

Personal items: Watch the cleanliness of the bathroom and what’s left on the counters. For example, make sure toothpaste residue isn’t left in the sink or prescription medications are left out in the open. “Buyers want to feel clean in the bathroom … they don’t need to be reminded that they will be taking over a ‘used’ bathroom,” according to Zillow.

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