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Curley’s three Christmas letter writing rules


John continued his assault on Christmas cheer today. This morning’s harangue: the Christmas letter. If you’re thinking about sending one of these, don’t. But if you insist, here are three rules:

1.) Use one voice. If you switch back and forth between first and third person, it’s not creative. It’s confusing. And don’t have your kid write part of it either. Most people assume your kid can’t write (at least not well). There’s no reason to remove all doubt.

2.) Do not editorialize. Are you proud of your husband’s promotion? You should be. Is your kid playing Jacob Marley in “A Christmas Carol”? Congratulations! You don’t need to tell us how proud of them you are. We know that already. You’re sending out a Christmas letter.

3.) Include bad news. This is probably most important. Including bad news helps people identify with you. It also makes people feel better about their own dull lives. And that’s the point of the holidays, right?

-Producer Bryan

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