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Tom & Curley Show Know-It-All Week-In-Review Quiz

What was Mitt Romney's codename for Chris Christie? (AP Photo/Mel Evans)

Player: Listener Alan, 51, from Lacey. He describes himself as “not exceptionally stupid.”

1.) Boeing’s machinist union rejected a contract offer from the company Wednesday. What was one reason?

a. too many corporate givebacks
b. casual Fridays weren’t casual enough
c. they didn’t “get all dressed up for nothing”

2.) A high school football coach in Tennessee got in trouble this week for vandalizing his own school. But the coach says his motivations were altruistic. Why did the coach spray paint graffiti all over the side of his own school?

a. the art deco gymnasium was “soulless”
b. who are you to second guess the coach?
c. he was trying to motivate his players

3.) Russia, in an effort promote the upcoming winter Olympics, is letting subway passengers in Moscow pay for tickets in a unique way. What do passengers have to do for a free ticket?

a. pose for a picture with a shirtless Vladimir Putin
b. 30 squats

c. slam a revolving door

4.) On Tuesday, we spoke to Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, the authors of “Double Down” a book about the 2012 presidential campaign. They reported that the Romney campaign has a special codename for Gov. Chris Christie. What was it?

a. Big Dawg
b. The Boss
c. Pufferfish

5.) The feds this week agreed to allow American Airlines and U.S. Airways merge, a move that will create the world’s largest airline. Experts say this will likely mean what for many leisure passengers?

a. Bigger seats!
b. More legroom!
c. Fewer destination choices, but don’t worry, it’ll cost you more.

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