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John Curley, star of the ‘Neat Feet’ infomercial

He’s a TV personality, radio host, world-class auctioneer, and did you also know – John Curley has been an infomercial guru.

In what he calls “the most unsuccessful infomercial of all time,” John Curley starred as your tour guide to the then-newly minted product Neat Feet – the world’s first roll-on deodorant for your feet.

We went to YouTube to find the original, but it was filmed in pre-YouTube 1998. So we asked him to recreate a couple of the key moments.

But being an infomercial pitchman isn’t always as easy as pouring a cup of water into your shoe without it spilling or leaking. For Kevin Trudeau, being a pitchman (and radio personality and legally embattled idea-man) meant that he would be found guilty of lying.

On Monday, a jury said enough: Trudeau was found guilty of lying – not in his book – but in the late-night infomercials he used to sell his book.

“He made the book sound way better than it actually was,” prosecutor Marc Krickbaum told jurors. “If he told the truth, that book wasn’t going to sell nearly as well than if he lied.”

John may have left the infomercial business at the right time.

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