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Tom Tangney: Why Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn is losing to Ed Murray


Early election results gave Sen. Ed Murray a double-digit lead over incumbent Mike McGinn in the race to be Seattle’s mayor.

So why is McGinn failing?

KIRO Radio’s Tom Tangney said the problem with McGinn and why Seattle didn’t like him is because he’s a little too feisty for the Seattle “nice.”

“He never walked away from a fight,” said Tom. “He seemed to encourage it. ”

Of course it was a verbal fight, it wasn’t actually “fisticuffs,” he’s no Rob Ford, conceded Tom.

“He’s the kind of guy that wants to confront things and take them on head-to-head, and win or lose – he’s going to fight, like the tunnel issue.”

But according to Tom, Murray is just the opposite. He wants to do things behind the scenes – he’s a consensus builder.

“So last night (election night), during his acceptance speech, he mentioned all the city council people, the city attorney, all the people that didn’t like McGinn – he’s bringing them into the fold.”

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