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No sugarcoating how bad Jacksonville Jaguars really are

The Jacksonville Jaguars are arguably one of the worst NFL teams in history, even some of their biggest backers lament. (AP file)

Talk about a sharp contrast. One week after vanquishing the 49ers, one of the best teams in the NFL, the Seahawks take on what’s being called one of the worst in history. And even though everyone from Pete Carroll to the players are vowing not to overlook Jacksonville Sunday, it’s pretty tough not to.

“The Jags are in for a beating,” says sports radio talk show host Chadd Scott at 1010 XL in Jacksonville. “There is no scenario short of some sort of supervillain a la Bain in Batman Returns landing in the stadium that has the Jaguars winning this game,” he tells KIRO Radio’s Tom and Curley Show.

Certainly, there must be something positive to say about the team, which has scored just one touchdown and was trampled in its first two games. Not according to Scott.

“They are a rotten, miserable, awful, dreadful unimaginably bad NFL team,” he says.

While we in Seattle are dreaming of a Super Bowl, Scott says not only have Jacksonville fans consigned themselves to mediocrity, they wouldn’t be surprised if the team didn’t even win a single game this season. And he long ago stopped trying to sugarcoat it.

“We can’t pretend it isn’t this bad. I predicted 3-13 before the season and I’ve had to apologize for that pie-eyed optimism,” he laughs.

Scott says the only real question is whether Jacksonville can even cover the point spread. At last check, the Seahawks were an unheard of 19 1/2 point favorite – one of the biggest in NFL history.

So how does a team get so crappy? Scott says it wasn’t easy.

“Almost every draft pick they’ve made has been a disaster,” he laments.

In one of their biggest boneheaded moves, they picked a punter above Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson in the draft a few years ago. Ouch.

So what’s his prediction for Sunday’s matchup with the Seahawks?

“The score of this game will be whatever the Seahawks want it to be.” But he thinks the Seahawks will have mercy on Jacksonville and not run up the score because of their respect for head coach Gus Bradley, the Seahawks’ former defensive coordinator.

Regardless of the outcome, Scott says we should be ready for nothing less than lambs being led to slaughter.

“What you guys will see Sunday is about as bad as an NFL team can possibly be in this era.”

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