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To stop bullying Washington aims to make bullying mandatory

(Patti Blake/News Herald via AP)

Bullying is bad. It should not happen regardless of “why” someone is bullied: too thin, too fat, too smart, a different race or having a mental condition like depression, anorexia, or gender dysphoria.

No action from the state is necessary to enable school officials to recognize and address bullying. But, that will not stop leftist operatives from using bullying as an excuse to control speech and thought. That is what is happening in Olympia.

Bullying will continue until the bullying stops

They call it an anti-bullying bill, but it is the reverse. Senate Bill 5766 will be treated in Washington schools as a mandatory order. It will force teachers to bully kids into pretending a boy is a girl.

This bill will result in bullying people to forget biology and to replace scientific fact with leftist pandering. It will be used to replace what we know about our genetic code, chromosomes, and the mapped differences in the ways the brains of men and women process input.

State Senate Bill 5766 is written for and by the sexual left and is nothing more than a diktat from the state that your kids be taught girls have penises and testicles while boys have wombs, ovaries, and vaginas. This is absolute mental abuse. If a teacher can force a student to mouth the words “a boy is a girl” then the state can force a child to say anything. If your child bitterly clings to scientific truth, they will be bullied by the state.

Unless you’re a bigot, you will call an anorexic girl “fatty”

Worse — perhaps — than the mental bullying of people clear-headed on biology, is the fact that this bill further embeds gender dysphoria as just another life choice. It doesn’t help kids who suffer from it.

Most children come out of gender dysphoria by age thirteen or so. But the confluence of leftist attacks on the structure of society — oh, I know, just a conspiracy theory — big pharma and Planned Parenthood’s drive for money has created a new target market: kids who will take hormone drugs for the rest of their lives. These kids are being started on drugs and even surgeries below the age of 13 with no attempt to help them overcome their body-dysphoria.

On drugs and after surgeries, kids become even more depressed, isolated “customers” for life. The issue is mental and the medical interventions don’t “cure” gender dysphoria any more than stomach stapling can cure another form of body dysphoria: anorexia.

The kind-hearted deceived by the cowardly?

Sadly, it is not just leftist Democrats who are behind this. Senator Joe Fain, a professional Republican and confirmed intellectual coward is behind this.

Fain is the leftist who voted to allow the state “Human Rights” Commission to force girls and women to accept boys and men in their showers. That comes across as mental and physical bullying to plenty of women and most girls.

Fain is afraid to debate the topic. When he held a town hall on it, he packed the room with operatives of the sexual left — from outside his district. Now, Fain is happy to hide the true intent of this bill by pretending it’s about bullying.

Perhaps deceived by the pretense Fain and his fellow leftists have concocted, State Senator Steve O’Ban has signed onto the bill. Steve has been a regular guest on the show to talk about topics where we agree; I hope he will show the courage that Fain does not have and come on to debate this bill with me. If O’Ban does not do that, he will never again appear on the show as I do not, and will not, carry water for any political party or any politician.

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