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Buy An Oso Strong T-Shirt or Hoodie, Proceeds Go to Victims

Sweatshirts and t-shirts come in three color combinations. (Photo courtesy of

Local clothing company, SafetyShirtz, has designed, and is now selling, t-shirts and sweatshirts that read: Oso Strong.

“The Oso Strong SafetyShirtz design. Pretty cool, kinda did some themes with some chainlink to show the community effect,” says SafetyShirtz’s Jeff Barkshire. “We’ve got the Oso bridge in the middle of the shirt, which if you’re from Oso is sort of a special landmark. We’re doing three different color options. We’ve got black with pink, and then black with our normal high-visibility yellow and orange. T-shirts and hoodies, so it’s just six different options.”

Jeff talks about the company’s connection with the Oso area.

“That’s really where a large majority of our business comes from, the north Puget Sound, but really all of the foothill communities. We feel like anything we can do to give back, we want to do. Our normal products, we sell the construction stripe shirts that people are pretty familiar with. Ours are usually a little bit more personalized. We have ones with an elk and a deer and a Jeep on them. It’s gotten pretty popular up there.”

They’re selling the t-shirts for $25 and the hoodie sweatshirts for $50.

“Every penny will be going to the victims. At this point it looks like we’ll be going through the Cascade Valley Hospital up there, the disaster relief. They seem to be the most local that really can handle the large volume.”

He says locals really wanted to have a shirt like this.

“A couple people from Arlington came to us and said, ‘Hey, can you guys make us a shirt and we can sell them?’ That’s when we decided, we can can get involved and really make this deal go. I think it has potential to be pretty big and we really look forward to making a large donation here in a couple of weeks.”

Go to the SafetyShirtz website to buy an Oso Strong t-shirt or hoodie.

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