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A Big Loss For the Hopeful Couple Looking to Score $32,000 for Their $110 Seahawks Tickets

The Lundberg family all decked out in their Seahawks gear

Last week I told you about Alexis and Chris Lundberg, an Arizona couple who were selling their $110 Seahawks VS Saints tickets for $32,000 with the hopes of funding an adoption.

After Chris had a dream about the number 32,000, the Seattle natives put their Monday Night Football tickets up on eBay.

“It’s a fixed price,” Alexis explained. “There is no bidding, it’s $32,000.”

Chris was certain someone would help his family fulfil its adoption dreams.

“I’m 100 percent confident they’re going to sell,” Chris said. “I’m running with that. I’m confident they’re going to sell and it’s going to happen.”

But unfortunately for Chris, Alexis and their two young sons, no one bought the tickets.

“Yeah, it was a bummer,” Alexis told me over the phone Wednesday morning. “We were hopeful that it would be great for our adoption to be funded. But we were able to use this as a format to talk about adoption, to meet a lot of amazing people who are super encouraging. You know, if people didn’t feel called to give to our adoption, maybe they now know how much adoption does cost, and know somebody who is adopting and would love to support a family member or a friend who is adopting now.”

They ended up giving their season tickets away on a Seattle radio show, asking hopeful Seahawks fans to share their own personal adoption stories in exchange for the tickets.

“It turned out to be really fun and a really great way that we were able to bless somebody else,” said Alexis.

The Lundberg’s original story collected over a hundred comments on our website and a lot of listeners wondered why the family is opting for such an expensive adoption, when there are plenty of foster kids that can be adopted for hundreds, versus thousands, of dollars.

“We have done the training, we are certified to adopt through the state,” Alexis said. “The goal of fostering is not to adopt the child. The goal of fostering is to reunify the child with their biological parent. That’s what they want. We couldn’t go into a foster situation, right now, with that in mind. We want to add to our family; we want to bring more children into our home that will be ours forever.”

Like I said earlier, the story attracted a lot of comments from listeners. I asked Alexis if she anticipated all of the negative feedback.

“No! I think we might live in a little bit of a bubble here, where we are encouraged and supported. I definitely was a little bit surprised. I think there is a lot of misinformation about adoption and if you’re not informed you might not be able to have a healthy opinion of what it is.”

Alexis says her family is continuing to fund raise the old fashioned way, through garage sales and selling a homemade cookbook, and she hopes that eventually they’ll be able to adopt a little girl.

“There are children out there that need homes, that need the love and support, and we’re capable of giving that. We just really feel that God’s called us to do this. He’s called us to take care of the orphans and the widows. We feel charged with that and we just want to be obedient.”

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