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Goodbye, You Guys

Well, here we are, guys. It’s the end of a relatively short but adventurous journey.

Friday’s show was, sadly, the final installment of The Andrew Walsh show. Despite all predictions – especially my own – I can honestly tell you I wasn’t fired. I KNOW, RIGHT? Somehow I survived this hosting gig that I started a year ago, and I lived to see it through.

The truth is, I’m moving to Los Angeles to pursue a new job down there. This was — in all honesty and without exaggeration — the toughest decision I’ve ever had to make. I can’t wait to try my hand at something new, and my new gig is very exciting. But saying goodbye to Seattle and KIRO Radio is tougher than you can possibly imagine.

I fell in love with this city the day I arrived, and I fell deeper in love with every passing day. There is not enough room on the Internet for me to list everything I will miss about this place, and I worry about absence making the heart grow fonder. How could I possibly be fonder of Seattle? (Plus, I’m going to miss-out on the next phase of light rail! Seattle, you’re only getting better and better.)

Thanks to all of you guys for putting up with my stumbling and bumbling for the past 12 months and for joining in our conversations. The best shows were always the listener-driven shows, and you guys didn’t even get paid for your work. Sorry about that. And thanks again.

And thanks, of course, to the amazing people at KIRO Radio who – despite all common sense and the advice of their lawyers – offered to give me my own show. I will always be indebted. Always.

Take care you guys.

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