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John Curley has a new hobby: Throwing javelin in Shoreline

John Curley throws the javelin in Shoreline. It's his new hobby. (Video screen grab)

While his new hobby may sound a little strange to us, it’s no surprise John Curley is now throwing the javelin once a week at a track in Shoreline.

He dons his spikes and athletic pants and packs in his javelin bought on Amazon.

Much to his surprise, some of the greats were throwing alongside him this week. The “drama and the humanity” of the Olympics has a special place John’s heart … so it’s a big deal for him to meet someone like Fred Luke.

“Fred Luke, the guy that was in the Olympics in 1972, that threw 280 feet, he’s there.”

Duncan Atwood, U.S. national javelin champion in 1979, 1980 and 1987 and Pan American Games gold medalist, was also there. But he wasn’t throwing because of a back injury.

“These guys are living here in the Northwest and every Wednesday, these living legends of the javelin are there at this Shoreline stadium throwing.”

John thinks he placed about third overall on Wednesday behind Luke and some “young buck.”

“Fred Luke knows I’m coming after him by the end of the summer… then I can say I beat an Olympian.”

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