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John Curley and Andrew Walsh find ideal way to sort out differences

John Curley and Andrew Walsh may take their conflicts to the street. (AP Photo/file)

New KIRO Radio co-hosts John Curley and Andrew Walsh certainly have differing opinions on some issues, but instead of letting things get out of hand, they’ve been inspired by Michael Vick, of all people, on a new way to work out their disagreements.

Vick recently agreed to compete with a naysayer in an old fashioned foot race. Vick won the race, which was followed by complaints from his opponent that he cheated. But the outcome wasn’t really the interesting part for Curley and Walsh. They just liked the idea of two people resorting to a footrace to end a dispute.

“We like this story only because grown men – granted they’re athletes – but grown men settling differences and arguments by running, I think more things should be settled this way,” said Curley.

Walsh agreed even though he acknowledged that such a dispute-resolving tool would leave him oft the loser.

“I can barely run,” said Walsh. “But yet I love the idea. It would make me a total loser at life. But I love the idea that this is how people who are 32 and 24 years old are solving their dilemmas.”

The pair agreed the world would be a much better place if this was the norm in conflict resolution. They also considered whether they should employ it for the likely disagreements that will come up between them, hosting a show together.

“A half hour from now we’re going to be talking about Benghazi, and you and I are probably not going to see eye to eye on that. We’re going to come really, really close to fisticuffs, but then really what we should do as real men is say, ‘you know what, let’s calm down, let’s go outside, put on our sneakers, go for a run,'” said Walsh. “Eat my dust Curley. I love it.”

BTW – The Benghazi discussion between Curley and Walsh was pretty lively. Take a listen.

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