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A Seattle gun owner blasts lawmakers who killed gun control

President Barack Obama pauses while Mark Barden, the father of Newtown shooting victim Daniel, is embraced by Vice President Joe Biden during a news conference Wednesday in the Rose Garden of the White House. (AP image)

Yesterday on the show, I talked about my severe disappointment that the U.S. Senate couldn’t pass the very mildest of gun control legislation out of fear of the NRA.

Whenever the topic of gun legislation comes up, my inbox immediately floods with emails from gun rights activists calling me names and saying “educate yourself!” (the same phrase you hear when you challenge conspiracy theorists of any stripe.)

But aside from all the vitriol, I also received one of my favorite emails of all time. It was sent anonymously from someone who calls herself “a realistic gun owner”, and I thought I’d share it with you.

Name: a realistic gun owner

City: I am a nomad

Dear Lawmakers,

I am so disappointed in your lack of foresight. In fact, I am disappointed in your lack of hindsight. Of course this legislation won’t stop all gun violence, but it would have been a huge deterrent.

I own a gun. I have educated myself on how to handle my weapon, how to transport it, and how to carry in different states. I am a law abiding citizen with a beautiful family. We deserve the protection and peace of mind to know that people buying firearms are of sound mind – at the very least. How can you go home to your families at night knowing that you did not attempt to provide them this?

We have background checks for employment and volunteering. We take a test to drive a vehicle and obtain a license to operate various forms of machinery. A gun is something that, placed in the wrong hands, can end many innocent lives. Why don’t we hold gun owners to the same standards as someone who is both competent to work and operate a vehicle?

I am so disappointed in our government right now. This vote was a great compromise between Democrats and Republicans – A chance to unify, if only for a moment – if only on one issue. Instead, you allowed the thugs of the NRA to crumble any backbone you could have claimed, letting a minority rule and leaving a majority disappointed and at risk. How dare you.


A Proud FEMALE gun owner in Seattle Washington. (Not common.)

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Seriously, I tried.

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