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Your new source for fake news is real: The Ononeon

Producer Nick's favorite line from The Ononeon read, "Actor Steven Seagal Sued for Driving Tank into Arizona Home, Killing Puppy." (AP Photo/File)

The Onion news is not real. It’s real in the sense that you can read its stories, but its content comes from the imagination of their sometimes witty, often dark writers.

That includes the cruel tweet that caused an uproar on Oscar night: The satirical news organization on Sunday referred to 9-year-old nominee Quvenzhane Wallis with an expletive intended to denigrate women. The Onion was lambasted overnight and they asked for forgiveness Monday.

They even took the tweet down, something typically unheard of for the paper.

So if you, like many others, find yourself boycotting the entertainment source, KIRO Radio’s Andrew Walsh has found the alternative.


When you look at the site, “It’s spread out like The Onion,” says Andrew. “The sad part though, is they’re actually headlines in the news right now.”

One headline read, “Environmental activist illegally cuts down 60 tress to create a better flight path for birds.”

“That reminds me of The Onion,” says Andrew.

His favorite though, “The Amish have started using power tools.”

Of course the site wouldn’t be complete without a link to the story that brought you to the Ononeon in the first place: “The Onion issues apology for tasteless Twitter remark.”

Listen to Andrew and Producer Nick read their favorite headlines from The Ononeon

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