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Loss of classic Monopoly piece will be a ‘heartbreaker’

One of these classic game pieces will be no more for the Monopoly board. (Image courtesy Hasbro)

Monopoly players that are fans of the wheelbarrow playing piece better take notice. The piece is currently on the losing end of votes to remove one of the classic play tokens as Hasbro runs a promotion to bring a new piece into play.

KIRO Radio’s Andrew Walsh calls the removal of a classic Monopoly gaming piece a “heartbreaker.”

Hasbro is proposing a robot, a diamond ring, a kitten, a helicopter, or a guitar to replace whichever of the classic tokens is voted out. As a refresher, the classic game pieces include a car, a thimble, a shoe, a Scotty dog, a battleship, a top hat, an iron, and a wheelbarrow.

So far the Scotty dog has the most votes to be saved, followed by the car, with the battle ship and top hat tied with 12 percent of the vote each. The iron and the wheelbarrow have the lowest number of votes to save them so far, with six percent and four percent respectively.

Andrew Walsh Show producer Nick Jarin says he’s already put in his vote to save the shoe. Host Andrew Walsh first said he would propose the wheelbarrow to go, because he thinks it may have been missing from his family’s game set, but after more consideration Andrew goes after Nick’s shoe.

“A shoe just doesn’t make sense to me,” says Andrew.

Looking at the new game pieces, both Andrew and Nick would go for the robot. The robot figure looks like a classic toy robot. The only thing Andrew doesn’t like about it, is that it has a little Monopoly mustache.

“I would kind of prefer it without the mustache. None of the other little tokens have a wink or a nod,” says Andrew. “The classic ones, the ones that we’re familiar with now, the battleship is not like, oh we have a monocle.”

The winner among the new pieces will earn a permanent place on the Monopoly board, and we’ll be saying goodbye to one old piece forever says Hasbro.

Votes are still being tallied. Vote for your favorite piece now.

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