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Forget gun control, let’s establish urban security zones

Why not establish a zones where firearms are illegal, like what they do during the Republican and Democratic conventions? (File, Associated Press)

It’s not just the NRA putting the kibosh on the idea of gun control. Andrew Pollack, who lost a daughter in the Parkland shooting, told Chris Matthews on Fox that he didn’t want to talk about it either.

“I can’t imagine arming a kindergarten teacher”

“No one in America is gonna come together on gun control, Chris,” he said.

Instead, he says, we have to harden the target.

“Make it the new norm now. You gotta have metal detectors … its gotta be like a courthouse, like a federal building, like an airport. That’s how we need our schools now.”

He’s got a point. You feel pretty safe in an airport. You can shop, eat, take a nap in public without the fear of someone sticking a gun in your face because everybody’s been disarmed. It’s a little inconvenient, but there’s no need for emergency drills or mental illness screening.

I do think it’s strange that isn’t considered “gun control” to establish a zone where everyone’s disarmed. But if we accept this, and it works, why confine the idea to schools and airports? Why not open urban security zones like the ones set up for the conventions in Cleveland and Philadelphia? Everybody was disarmed, and we all felt really safe.

Cities could have armed and unarmed districts. People could freely choose where to do business.

We might need to build a wall or two near the boundaries, but we wouldn’t have to pass a single gun control law ever again.

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