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New Year, New TBTL, New You

Or maybe just slightly different versions of the same you and TBTL, but you’re pretty cool, so I wouldn’t sweat it if you don’t start running marathons and flossing regularly this year.

I’m pretty excited to see what Luke and Andrew have in store for us in the new year, and by that I mean, I want to hear about Luke’s puppy. Have you seen that thing?

Look at this beautiful b-word.

I want to breed dogs and rent puppy time. For $100 dollars you get to take a nap in a pile of puppies for an hour. People would pay that price for puppy snuggles. I know that because I thought, “What would I pay to sleep in a pile of puppies for an hour? $100. I would pay $100.” 24 hour hours in a day. I don’t gross $2,400 an hour at my current job. It would be stupid not to do it.

2014: the year I learn to play the piano and finally open Blently’s Puppy Emporium.


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