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‘Gay’ dog finds home after being dropped off at kill shelter

This dog dropped off at a kill shelter when his owner thought he was gay, has found a new home. (Image courtesy Facebook - S.T.A.T. Saving The Animals Together)

It was a happy ending for a dog facing death after his owner dropped him off at a kill shelter because he was “gay.”

George Rider, the operator of the Tennessee Rabies Control Center, tells KIRO Radio’s Luke Burbank Show that the dog has been adopted by a new owner after media interest brought attention dog’s plight.

The dog’s previous owner dropped the dog off at the shelter, as Rider understands it, because the dog mounted another male dog.

Rider says this behavior isn’t unusual for dogs.

“Dogs will hunch certain items, and other animals, and they have been known to hunch people. That don’t necessarily mean they’re gay,” says Rider. “It means they either want to show dominance, or an over display of affection, or just a random maybe wanting to mate.”

The dog’s story resonated with so many people that when he arrived to work Thursday, Rider says his voicemail was full.

There was also a person waiting outside to adopt the dog. Rider says the dog has been saved and has found a new home, but there are plenty of other animals at the shelter that don’t have such a unique story and are still potentially facing death.

“We’re space driven and when you have a high volume of animals coming in you definitely have to make room for other animals, unfortunately,” says Rider. “We have several good dogs down here that really do need homes.”

When asked if he’d be tempted to make up interesting back stories to drum up attention for some of the other dogs, Rider says he’s found it’s best to be as honest as you can with potential owners. In any case, he says the added attention on the shelter from this “gay” dog will likely have a residual effect on a few of the other animals.

“Anytime that we get publicity to move a great animal from the shelter, it’s always a positive thing.”

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