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Bike charity leads to new teeth for Minnesota man

Jack Carlson made headlines for the charity work he does for children with disabilities. He spends his free time working on custom bikes for kids and in the process of his story being told he became the recipient of kindness, too.

KARE11 News was the first to tell Jack’s story. Of course, given the extent of his pure-hearted kindness, his story was told across the nation.

Jean Peterson, who has never met Jack, was struck by something while watching his story.

“I turned to my husband and I said ‘wow what a really nice guy, somebody should do something nice’ and I believe God told me you should be that someone,'” Jean said.

She was struck by the condition of Jack’s teeth. As a dental hygienist, she couldn’t help but notice that a few were missing. So she called him up and said she wanted to help. A quick consult found that 11 of his teeth were missing and some were decayed.

Jack says as a single dad raising two children he never had the spare cash to fix his own teeth. Funny, though, how he always had the spare cash to make bikes for children with disabilities. I think that speaks to his character.

He recently traveled to Virginia to get a new smile. I’d recommend watching the story from KARE11 to get the full effect of this meaningful moment of kindness.

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