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I no longer want to read minds

(File, Associated Press)

I used to think telepathy would be cool, probably thanks to Star Trek.

Let’s establish urban security zones

I used to think it would be a liberating thing to read minds; to truly understand what somebody else was trying to say without having to hack your way through tangled explanations.

I wanted to see the musings of a genius, or the unfiltered ideological struggles of a powerful politician.

Wish granted! I see inside the head of a powerful politician three or four times every day. I feel the thoughts forming in my mind. They say, “Witch Hunt.”

And I’m no longer sure this is a good idea. All you have to do is wander a few clicks from your original search terms on the internet to find yourself inside any number of unfiltered minds; There are some serious construction detours in there. I felt a lot more secure back when I had no idea what these people were thinking.

Yet here it is, 2018, and we have no choice but to look for red flags signaling what is in peoples’ minds because now we have to assume they’re all armed with military weapons.

It’s enough to make you wonder what planet this really is.

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