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Dick’s Sporting goods to feature most popular murder weapons

(AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

Today, Dick’s Sporting Goods announced they will stop selling semi-automatic rifles with black, plastic parts. Judging by the press release earning them millions in free advertising, it seems they will keep selling semi-automatic rifles with wood parts. No self-respecting, law-abiding buyer of firearms will ever set foot in Dicks’ again. That’s OK because there are great, local firearms dealers who focus on safety and education who want the business of responsible gun owners. Dick’s seems to want to corner the market on people who want to kill themselves or commit murder.

Dick’s Sporting Goods makes room for the most popular guns for murders and suicides

The real news is this: getting rid of the weapons used in the smallest percentage of gun-related murders will make more room for Dick’s Sporting Goods to sell the firearm used in the vast majority of murders and suicides committed with guns. Dick’s will continue to sell and promote the common pistol. This is excellent virtue signaling: a compass with no direction.

Common Sense according to Dick’s Sporting Goods

In pure sanctimony, Edward Stack, the Dick’s CEO, chided Congress for not enacting what he has decided is “common sense gun reform.” Edward Stack has an odd idea of common sense. Here is the Dick’s Sporting Goods vision of common sense about guns:

  1. Proudly sell the type of gun used in virtually all gun related suicides and 97.5 percent of all a murders committed with guns
  2. Crow loudly and stop selling the guns used in less about 1 percent of the murders (rifles with plastic parts)
  3. Keep selling the exact same gun (semi-automatic rifles with wood parts) but pretend there is a huge difference

Man, that Ed Stack, he is the King of Common Sense.

But wait, Dick’s Sporting Goods has more common sense to flash at you

PS: Speaking of virtue signaling: The Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO also says they will stop selling what Edward Stack has decided are high-capacity magazined. That’s cute, Ed. But, that will make no difference in the murder rate.

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