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How do you change a toxic culture?

Jack Dorsey. (AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)

From guns to the #MeToo movement, the big discussion now is about to be how to change a toxic culture.

Trump wants to make sure we can’t blame him

Twitter is the latest to try it. Last week, the co-founder and CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey posted a series of 13 tweets, asking for help in making Twitter less destructive and promising to take a critical look at Twitter’s dark side — the harassment, troll armies, and misinformation campaigns.

But Dorsey said he wants to go beyond just flagging content and removing it. He wants to find a way to encourage better conversation in the first place.

And I saw that after Dorsey’s final tweet in that thread. The very first response, from a user named Luke, was: “Are you for f-ing real?” Of course, it had to be.

If Twitter had been around when the apple hit Isaac Newton, 50,000 trolls would have said stop sitting under apple trees you dumb fill-in-the-blank, and he’d never have discovered gravity. We’d all just be floating.

But I was impressed by Dorsey’s answer to the question to “Luke,” which was simply “Yes.”

And I thought, well that’s it. If a majority of Twitter just answered every Troll with a “Yes” or a “No,” instead of “Yes, you rapscallion,” the problem would be solved.

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