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Unsuspecting pizza delivery driver gets blessed

(Photo by: Philip Dethlefs/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images)

A Chicago pastor surprised a pizza delivery driver with a massive tip, which only kept growing as his congregation came forward to add to the pile of money.

The service happened on Sunday, February 25. Pastor Wilfredo de Jesus ordered pizza during the service and had no idea who’d show up. It turned out to be Monique Hall and she was a little hesitant as she walked in on the service and was asked to get up on the stage with the pastor. He handed her a $100 tip and she was stunned, but the pastor didn’t stop there.

In a video that has now seen many social media feeds, the pastor asks just 10 people from his congregation to come up and join him in tipping Hall. She begins to cry as not just 10 but dozens of people give money to her.

What nobody knew at the time, until after the tips ended, is that Hall really needed this cash. She later joined WGN9 TV in Chicago to explain.

“I had been struggling for a long time,” Hall said. “Being a single parent, not having the father in their life, it takes a real damper on you. Especially trying to make ends meet. So, when they did that I was overwhelmed and I was shocked and I felt so loved by them all I could do was cry,” Hall said.

And even though Hall needed the cash, generosity like this is contagious, so she returned to her job and split the tip with her coworkers.

“I feel like some of my coworkers were just the same as me, in the same place, so I felt like it was only right to give to them since I was given to,” Hall said.

You can watch the entire interview with Hall and Pastor Wilfredo de Jesus here.

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