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Tom Shillue


Hollywood’s glaring hypocrisy

Hollywood hypocrisy has never looked more glaring. Leaders of the entertainment industry angrily condemn guns, even while their films and TV shows glorify gun violence and fetishize firearms. Meanwhile, producers and stars vehemently denounce exploitative sexuality, at the same time that acclaimed projects center on just this sort of eroticism.

For instance, CALL ME BY YOUR NAME won the recent Oscar for best adapted screenplay, telling a graphic, steamy story of an affair between a 17-year-old boy and a 24-year-old male grad student who’s a house guest of the teenager’s parents.

If the underage party had been female, instead of male, torrid sex with an adult wouldn’t have won an Oscar; it would have drawn condemnation for its power imbalance as the sort of predatory relationship the #MeToo movement is meant to stop.

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