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Want Phoenix Jones to patrol your neighborhood? Let him know

Seattle Superhero Phoenix Jones seemed to avoid scenes like this in 2013, but in 2014 he says he'll continue to patrol Seattle's streets, and said you need a hand catching a bad guy - to just let his team know. (AP Photo/File)

“I had a lot of personal struggles in 2013, it’s been a really terrible year for me, personally,” said Seattle Superhero Phoenix Jones, who kept a lower profile last year.

But now it’s 2014 and he has two goals: To spend time with his family, and of course – to fight some crime.

Jones told KIRO Radio’s Jason Rantz he’s handed off his Facebook and Twitter duties to other members of his team, and they’ll continue to document his nightly patrols.

Batman didn’t have to keep up with a Facebook page, but for Seattle’s superheroes, social media is a must.

But what won’t change is Jones’ accessibility. When Rantz asked if he’s going to take his crime-fighting expertise to new Seattle neighborhoods, or even statewide locations, he didn’t say no.

“The key is that a city has to want to help itself,” he said. While he loves Capitol Hill, Belltown and the Pike/Pine corridor around 3rd, he’s developed a relationship with those community members who keep him coming back time after time.

“On Capitol Hill, business owners will call me and say, ‘Hey, on my security camera, we got a break in that happened. Do you guys know anything about that?’ And they’ll send me raw footage.”

The same has happened in Belltown, recounts Jones. “A couple of places have given me keys to check out their places when they’re closed.

“They want to be helped, and that makes it easy. And if other places in the city want us there, they need to contact us and let us know that we’re wanted.”

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