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Shower thoughts: Daylight saving time is finally here

Science now proves it. Shower thoughts are actually a thing. Let’s jump in and turn it up as hot as it will go.

Daylight saving time

It’s finally here. The day I’ve been waiting for. Turn your clocks forward an hour this Sunday.

This is my favorite day of the year. Probably because of the time of the Ron & Don Show. It’s been months of leaving the station in darkness, and then boom, it’s still light outside.

Why Ron loves and hates daylight saving time

Next thing you know, it’s sunshine and 70s, and lakefront decks.

Daylight saving time is better than Christmas for me.

Shaquem Griffin

I’ve really been inspired by the story of Shaquem Griffin. He’s the young man trying to make the NFL with one hand. His hand was amputated at the age of four due to a birth defect.

Shaquem may or may not have what it takes to make it at the highest level, but I think it’ll have nothing to do with his hand. He wrote an open letter to NFL General Managers that’s a great read. After absolutely crushing the NFL combine, I hope the Hawks draft him.


Speaking of inspiring stories from the world of sports. One word: Ichiro.

Dude is 44 years old and still getting it done. I know his skills have diminished since his first stint with the Mariners, but come on. It would not surprise me if he gets over 100 hits and finds his second wind back in the Mariners lineup. He’s 44 years old. That’s just crazy.

Shower thoughts speed round:

  • I wish getting back into shape was as easy as falling out of shape.
  • Does anyone know why it’s taking so long to time the traffic lights on Mercer? Just hire a computer wiz and let’s do this!
  • Has there ever been a headline like this in the history of our country? “Porn star sues President over nondisclosure agreement
  • After years of watching YouTube videos on woodworking, I finally signed up for a bowl turning class. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Tonight is my second class. There is something oddly satisfying about making something out of your own two hands.
  • Remember, everyone’s going through something in their life. Be kind.

That’s it. We’re out of hot water. Someone hand me a towel.

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