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Rep. Pike says surrogacy bill most ‘offensive’ she has seen

(File, Associated Press)

Rep. Liz Pike (R-Camas) calls a surrogacy bill signed into law March 6 by Gov. Jay Inslee “one of the most offensive pieces of legislation” she’s seen.

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The changes to the Uniform Parentage Act allows for paid surrogacy in Washington state.

Critics, including Pike, say the change “commercializes the female womb” by allowing people to purchase babies. In some cases, Pike says, babies may end up going to the highest bidder.

Proponents argue it allows surrogate mothers to be compensated above the cost of medical treatment and expenses.

“We’re not really stopping compensated surrogacy, we’re just ensuring that it happens in an environment that’s more expensive and is also less protective both of the intended parents and the women acting as surrogates and then ultimately of the children,” Democratic Senator Jamie Pedersen said before it was approved.

Pike says surrogacy should be about love and compassion.

“That has all changed with the stroke of Governor Inslee’s pen,” she said.

“Womb for rent. How does that sound for a Washington moniker?” she asked.

Listen to the entire interview here.

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