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Rachel Dolezal
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Rantz: Rachel Dolezal film tragic reminder of her bad parenting

Rachel Dolezal stars in a new Netflix documentary "The Rachel Divide" set to air in April. (Tyler Tjomsland/The Spokesman-Review via AP)

Rachel Dolezal, the notorious Spokane NAACP leader who is pretending to be black, has crawled back into the spotlight. She’s the focus of a new Netflix documentary set for release in April. It took just a couple minutes with the trailer to realize this isn’t truly about her racial fraud, but her troubling parenting.

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“I really do not want to focus on this for the rest of my life,” a dejected Franklin tells his mom Rachel in the trailer. Her response? “Do you think I do?”

Every moment she’s on screen, Dolezal seems like she’s acting. She has the “meaningful” conversation with her son, as she stares outside her window forlorn. She was trying to stick to a script she performed in her head, but her son responds in a way she didn’t expect. She continued talking — something about rebuilding what is broken or some other trope you hear in films about people’s lives falling apart, in this case, all due to her own actions — until she realized what Franklin had said: “This is gonna affect more than just your life.”

Next, with great consternation, she sits in her backyard thinking about what this documentary might do to her life. Oh, how cliche.

Is she deserving of this attention? No. Of course not. Twitter erupted with complaints about rewarding her with a bigger spotlight. I’m more concerned for her poor son. He looks broken as he tries to deal with craziness he never asked for.

So to answer the question if we think we believe she wants to focus on this — whatever this is — for the rest of her life, the answer is yes, we all think you do, including your son who is so desperate to get away from her embarrassing charade, he very bluntly declares: “Well, why don’t you just let it go away?”

The answer? She can’t. She’s a performer desperate for attention and, it appears, she’s willing to allow her family suffer for her insatiable desire to be talked about and understood.

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