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Veteran hit by shoddy roof job finds help

(File, Associated Press)

It’s the kind of service you’d expect in Nebraska. A veteran who was out $9,000 for a roofing job gone bad was repaid in kindness by another roofing company.

Ricky Cole says after the first roofing job, a storm blew in and the shoddy work was revealed. He found bits of the roof blown away. Nails were exposed and there his attic was leaking.

So, he called another company, owned by Eric Oberembt. Eric said the work was so bad that he couldn’t fix it. It would have to be a complete redo.

“It makes me sad to see people, good people, get taken advantage of,” Eric said.

KETV says Eric did what he decide was the only right thing to do for someone who’s served our country.

“We’re donating all the labor to kind of put it all together in one package so they can get a new roof put on at no cost to them,” Eric said.

Ricky said he couldn’t quite believe this act of generosity.

“It’s hard … emotions can’t explain just the gratitude I have for Eric for doing that. It’s a true blessing,” Ricky said.

You might not be able to replace a veteran’s roof today, but you can thank one any day.

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