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This is the happiest guy in America after Tillerson’s firing

Mitt Romney continues his bid to become a U.S. Senator for Utah. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

It’s a great day if you like political drama because there’s plenty of it. It’s an ongoing White House soap opera: “As the White House turns.”

When you hear all the reactions, there is one person above all others who has to be the happiest guy in America right now. No, it’s not President Trump or Rex Tillerson after his abrupt and fairly impulsive firing.

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The happiest guy in America is the future senator from the State of Utah, the honorable Mitt Romney. He could have been appointed secretary of state back when Trump was crafting his cabinet. President Trump indicated that he fired Tillerson because they didn’t have good chemistry. They didn’t get along. With that information, Romney must feel like he dodged a political bullet.

Unusual firing

The firing of a secretary of state is a very big deal. Something like this hasn’t happened in Washington D.C. in a long time.

The last fired secretary of state wasn’t like this. It was Alexander Haig who was a general and chief of staff for Nixon. He was appointed as President Reagan’s first secretary of state. Haig, when President Reagan was shot, made an unfortunate statement that he was in firm control in Washington D.C. because Vice President George H.W. Bush was out of town. That was not a great thing. After a year and a half, he was let go.

But it wasn’t an unceremonious firing like Tillerson’s was.

Tillerson gone

Maybe Tillerson’s firing had to do with how he once allegedly called Trump a moron. The indication is that President Trump sent out a tweet this morning amid a typical Trumpian tweet storm.

Tillerson has been traveling in Africa to speak with various countries about why they are not ____hole countries. He received the news from the president himself three hours after the tweet appeared.

When Tillerson spoke to the press, he appeared shaken. This is somebody who was once in charge of running Exxon. He was a titan of business and industry and a major capitalist player. And all of a sudden he’s fired via tweet.

This is the 36th major departure from the Trump White House. Some were great news. It is a great blessing from heaven above that Steve Bannon is no longer anywhere near government service.

But President Trump said he fired Tillerson because they didn’t get along. They didn’t click. So I think Mitt Romney is very pleased he will be the senator from Utah and that President Trump did not offer him this particular job.

Taken from the Tuesday, March 13 2018 Michael Medved Show.

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