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sheriff's office, Pierce County
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Pierce County Sheriff’s Office needs some help

Pierce County Sheriff's Office. (KIRO 7)

This week, Pierce County deputies resounded to a brutal incident in Buckley and Tumwater; a double-homicide turned officer-involved shooting.

Earlier this year, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office lost one of their own when Deputy Daniel McCartney was shot and killed responding to a home invasion.

A number of other crimes in Pierce County have occurred. It’s been a tough year.

But the department just gave us a hint about how we can help.

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook and Twitter :

“Ok, Pierce Co, this has been a VERY difficult week. We need some good vibes desperately! So here’s what we’re going to do: for the rest of today, we’re just going to share feel-good stories. Here’s one you will love!”

Then, they shared the story of one of their deputies that would have otherwise gone unnoticed:

“A little over a week ago one of our veteran patrol deputies responded to a report of a motor vehicle theft at a residence in South Hill.

When the deputy arrived at the victim’s residence, he learned that the victim’s husband is in the Army and he was out of state for training. The victim’s house keys, wallet, credit and debit cards, and identification were all in her vehicle when it was stolen. The victim told the deputy that she and her husband had just moved from New York a couple of weeks earlier and she did not know anyone in the area; she was crying and did not know what to do because she did not have access to any money or vehicle.

Our deputy went to a hardware store, bought new locks for her house with his own money, and found a neighbor who could help to install the new locks for her. Our deputy was able to help give the victim the peace of mind in knowing that the suspect was not going to just walk into her house.
Another deputy was able to recover her stolen vehicle the following day.

Our deputy chose to not include his act of compassion in his report; when his sergeant found out about it, the deputy humbly requested to not be named or recognized. We share this to show that these little things happen every day without notice.

Thank you to the deputy for your kindness and compassion, we are proud of your service!”

They also posted a note from a Pierce County citizen who wanted to express his appreciation and support for what law enforcement does.

I want to throw my support behind a sheriff’s office willing to admit when times are tough and open to asking for help.

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