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Traveling With the Right Insurance

When purchasing a plan, it's important to ask not just what's covered?but what the rules and regulations are in your destination country. (AP Photo)

No one wants to get sick or injured when traveling, but it pays to plan ahead so you don’t get nailed with a huge bill.

The Public Health Ministry in Thailand has introduced a measure that would require all international travelers to purchase health insurance.

The cost of health insurance could be included in the cost of a visa. If you land in Thailand without a visa, you’ll have to pay for it at the airport, or the fee might be bundled into the cost of your ticket.

Then there are countries that make it really easy. If you travel through Tocumen Airport in Panama City, you’re eligible for free health insurance for up to 30 days.

But don’t assume that countries that offer free health insurance to their citizens will cover you as well.

When purchasing a plan, it’s important to ask not just what’s covered—but what the rules and regulations are in your destination country.

In some countries, like Guatemala and Belgium, you may be expected to pay cash when visiting a local doctor. Your travel insurance provider can reimburse those costs, so keep those receipts.

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