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Washington gets Waze Carpool app

(File, Associated Press)

There’s another tool to battle traffic across the Puget Sound region. Waze expanded its Carpool app in Washington state on Tuesday.

Waze Carpool lets users choose their carpool buddies based on profiles, ratings, number of mutual friends, and filters. It uses the tried-true Waze system to provide real-time traffic updates and find drivers the fastest routes.

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If you choose to be a driver, you can earn gas money paid by your passengers through the app.

“Waze has always been about outsmarting traffic, together,” said Noam Bardin, Chief Wazer. “With Waze Carpool, we are expanding our mission to ending traffic, altogether. Traffic is a universal problem affecting our well-being, environment, and economy. However, there is a solution that can improve the quality of everyone’s daily commute—with Waze Carpool, we are getting extra cars off the road, while helping people save time, money, and the environment.”

Waze estimates there are already 375,000 monthly active Wazers in Seattle.

“Innovative tools like Waze Carpool are a great example of using technology to help our growing transportation needs,” said Jay Arnold, Kirkland’s deputy mayor. “We have found that many of the people who live in Kirkland work outside the city, and many of the people who work in Kirkland live elsewhere. The City of Kirkland seeks both public and private partners to help people get where they want to go without relying on single-occupancy vehicles.”

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Waze Carpool has already been available in California, Texas, and Israel.

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