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Chewbacca delivers heartening news to hospitalized teen

It must be the pits to spend months on end in a hospital. I can’t imagine how hard it would be for a child to do that. Luckily, 15-year-old Austin Eggleston has a wonderful medical staff that goes above-and-beyond to keep his spirits high.

Eggleston has multiple congenital heart defects. According to WLS Chicago, he was on the transplant list for a new heart for months. During that time he grew close to his cardiologist. The two bonded over a love of Star Wars and so his doctor promised that when news came down that a new heart was on the way, he’d dress up as Chewbacca to deliver the news.

Well that happened recently and the video has been a viral sensation.

His mom captured the moment and spoke with WLS Chicago.

“To see him knowing that he has a chance at life, he has a chance to achieve so many things, it’s just… leaves you speechless,” she said.

Austin got his new heart recently and is reportedly doing well.

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