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Todd Herman: Dan Satterberg creates environments for drug dealers

Dan Satterberg. (AP/Elaine Thompson)

King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg likes to brag about Washington state’s low incarceration rate. That’s an odd boast for a person you pay to prosecute criminals.

Here is a little reminder of what Dan Satterberg’s refusal to jail criminals looks like outside of Dan’s cozy world of armed guards.

10 felony convictions, 53 Arrests and Free As a Bird

A man with 53 arrests and 10 felony convictions kidnapped his biological child and drove the 5-year-old through a high-speed car chase. Thank God the little one survived the crashes. Here’s the video of his capture.

Teenage girls murdered in a drive-by shooting

Dan also likes to create environments for heroin dealers. They want to sell the poison in areas where they have the least chance of being bothered with arrest. It is Satterberg’s duty as King County prosecuting attorney to defend voters. When those voters passed an initiative to vote on whether to allow government-funded heroin dens to be built in the county, a group of leftist bureaucrats who used to practice medicine sued to keep it off the ballot. Heroin Dan refused to defend us.

As a result, gangs around our areas — as Sheriff Mitzi Johanknecht confirmed on our show — are fighting over turf. Last night, in Burien, two teen girls were murdered in what appears to be yet another gang killing in a town that used to be a nice place.

Fortunately, Burien is far enough away from Satterberg’s home just a few minutes South of there, so Dan wasn’t bothered by the gunshots.

Elections have consequences: Dan Satterberg should face them

Dan Satterberg is running for re-election. No conservative, Republican, or even Democrat who cares about public safety has any business voting for this person. We would be better off not paying the salary of any prosecutor, rather than paying Satterberg to refuse to do his job.

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