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To delete or not to delete Facebook

Dave Ross contemplates whether or not he will delete his Facebook page. (File, Associated Press)

Facebook’s latest admission that it wasn’t just 50 million, but potentially most Facebook users could have had their data “scraped,” now has people seriously asking themselves if they should delete their account.

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For some families, Facebook is the family album. It’s how everybody stays in touch.

Therefore, I decided to survey a cross-section of America – that being my family.

Here are the results:

  • My wife says she doesn’t care about her data and would have no idea how to delete it. She’s not even sure how she got on Facebook to begin with.
  • My millennial nephew said he considered leaving, but won’t.
  • My down-to-earth, practical brother said collecting information was always the plan! What’s the surprise?
  • One sister said yes she would delete her account, but can’t remember the made-up name she used when she last signed on 10 years ago.
  • And my other sister said she long ago deleted her account.

That might explain why I’m just now finding out I have sisters.

As for me, I’m keeping my account. I’m not sure who runs it, and I haven’t got time to look at it anyway. Which might be why I haven’t heard from my own kids yet on this question.

I’m pretty sure we did have kids though because otherwise there are two bedrooms upstairs I can’t explain.

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