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Eddie Money
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Eddie Money tells Dori he loves the PNW

Rock star Eddie Money has an all-new reality show. (Eddie Money Facebook)
LISTEN: Eddie Money talks career, past addiction, and new reality show

Rock legend Eddie Money sat down with KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson to talk parenthood, his new reality show, and the days when MTV actually played music videos all day.

“Real Money” follows the rock star, his wife, and five adult children in their everyday lives. Money joked that he “[doesn’t] think [he’s] ever going to have an empty nest,” but that he doesn’t begrudge his five kids living under his roof because of the high cost of living in today’s world.

“It’s very expensive for young people to go out on their own these days,” he said.

Besides, Money added, as the son of a police officer, he likes the chance to keep his eye on his children.

For anyone skeptical that “Real Money” is more scripted than reality, Money assured viewers that all of the moments on the show were genuine.

“None of it was really prompted … There’s a lot of surprises in the TV show that surprised me too, believe me,” he said.

In one scene of the new show, his daughter wrecks a brand-new Jeep by accidentally putting it into reverse instead of drive and backing it into a wall. Money said his reaction on the show was in real time and was one of genuine outrage.

“I just hit the ceiling,” he laughed. “It might have been great TV, but I was ready to kill her.”

A lifetime of success

Reflecting on the start of his career in the late ’70s and early ’80s, when he was one of the first rock stars to come on the music video scene, Money said that he can remember when MTV “didn’t even have any commercials – it was strictly music 24 hours a day.” Money joked that in his early videos, he looked like a “singing shoe salesman.”

As much as he keeps the days of classic rock alive, however, Money believes the secret to his longstanding popularity is his ability to move with the times.

“I think you’ve got to stay contemporary … I listen to a lot of stuff that’s going on on the radio, my kids keep me sharp,” he said, adding, “I was very lucky to stay on the radio – maybe somebody up there likes me.”

Overcoming addiction

Money also opened up about his past struggles with drugs and alcohol. Back in the ’80s, Money overdosed on fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that is often mixed with heroin.

“I did a lot of crazy things and got away with it – I don’t know how,” he said.

Now, however, Money is entirely clean, avoiding both drugs and alcohol. He told Dori that he’s very proud of his children for making safer decisions than he did in his younger days.

“I’m so glad that my kids are smarter than me – they’re very talented,” Money said. In fact, Money’s kids often perform with him, singing and playing the guitar.

“It really puts a feather in my cap,” he said. “I’m so proud of my children.”

Before signing off with Dori, Money expressed his love for the Pacific Northwest.

“It’s the greatest place in the world to live up there – the air is nice and clean, you’ve got a lot of rain, and the people are the greatest,” he said.

“Real Money” shows Sundays at 9:30 p.m. on AXS TV.

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