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Starbucks protests in Philadelphia
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Don’t walk into a Starbucks with a loaded bladder

A plain-clothed police officer, right, mans a position behind the counter at the Starbucks that has become the center of protests in Philadelphia. (File, Associated Press)

Considering the two men in a Philadelphia Starbucks just wanted to use the restroom, and considering their only offense was not buying anything, sending in six cops to arrest them seemed a little much.

Gee Scott: Disappointed in employees and cops

But Philadelphia’s police commissioner says that from where he sits, it wasn’t about them being black.

“I will say that as an African-American male I am very aware of implicit bias. We send all our new recruits to the African-American museum as well as the Holocaust museum. We want them to know about the atrocities that were in fact committed by policing.”

But whether it was about race or not, what I think we all can agree on is, sooner or later, we all find ourselves in some downtown area looking for a decent place to use the restroom.

It happened to me in Philadelphia during the Democratic Convention. The nearest place was a McDonald’s. I bought french fries so as not to be hassled, then asked myself, “what’s it gonna look like walking into the men’s restroom with french fries?”

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In the case of Starbucks, the $1 dollar cheese stick is your cheapest ticket.

But why does it have to be that way?

There are places where you can walk in with a loaded gun, but if your bladder is loaded, by golly, you’d better buy something.

Thomas Jefferson spent a whole summer drinking wine in Philadelphia and it’s the one self-evident right he forgot to put in. Of course, he bought quite a bit.

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