Beach reads for your summer vacation

The sun is out and you're primed for a getaway. But while you're soaking up that Vitamin D (heavily soaked in sunscreen of course) what should you read by the pool or on the beach? The women of KIRO Radio and have offered up their recommendations to entertain you through the summer heat.

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Dori Monson Show Social Media Captain Jillian Raftery recommends "A Dirty Job" by Christopher Moore

Jillian writes ... I'm not usually in to trendy beach reads ... but this one came out a few years ago and it's offbeat, fun, hilarious, and really interesting. It's the kind of read that Seattleites who are hipsters but don't want to admit it will love. And people who love showers of cultural references that make you go 'A-HA!' will really enjoy it.

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