Seattle Kitchen takes 5 Thanksgiving dishes from ordinary to extraordinary

Tom Douglas, Thierry Rautureau and the Seattle Kitchen staff offer up their suggestions to take your Thanksgiving from ordinary to extraordinary.

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Tom Douglas: I think number one is you don't add too much water when you're boiling your potatoes because it really sogs out your mashed potatoes. It kind of dilutes the flavor a bit. I like adding one third of another root vegetable, that could be parsnips, celery root, sweet potatoes.

Thierry Rautureau: I start cold always with a little bit of salt. Bring it to a slight boil, and definitely turn it down to a very slow simmer. You don't want your potato to be boiling like crazy in there because it's going to break down and also it's going to change the structure of the potato, the starches are going to go crazy and you're going to have some very rubbery potato.

Photo by AP/Matthew Mead
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