Seattle Kitchen takes 5 Thanksgiving dishes from ordinary to extraordinary

Tom Douglas, Thierry Rautureau and the Seattle Kitchen staff offer up their suggestions to take your Thanksgiving from ordinary to extraordinary.

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Tom Douglas: Basically for me, I put an onion down and sage in the bottom of the pan. I put my turkey on top. I rub it with bacon fat and butter. Sometimes I put sage butter under the breast skin. But don't tear the skin or you've ruined it. I put a little aromatics in the center. Then I cook it low and slow 325 until it is 155 degrees in the thigh. That way by the time it rests it gets to 165 degrees in the thigh. Put it in a tinfoil tent to keep it warm.

Thierry Rautureau: Let the turkey rest for 45 minutes. You have to do it. That turkey is going to be a lot better once it's rested.

Photo by (AP Photo/Larry Crowe)
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